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Theory: Basic Training

This lesson gives an introduction to lifesaving, assesses swimming ability, and teaches rope throwing as the first rescue skill.

Tell your class about the Free Lifesaving Society, our mission and objectives.

Free Lifesaving Website
Give out the web address of this website, so your class can read up on all the training materials without having to buy expensive books.

Show your class what equipment is used for lifesaving, where it is stored, how to handle it and and take good care of it. See the Equipment section for details.

Explain why lifesavers swim in clothes, how we are always ready to save a life, and how clothes can be used as a rescue aid. Discuss the challenges of swimming in clothes and why lack of this skill leads to drownings. Explain that clothes do not pull you down, but slow you down. Important difference.

Practice Briefing
Introduction to the pool session, the swimming ability test, pool safety rules and emergency exit procedures.

Practice: Swimming Test

For hygiene reasons always shower in your kit before each pool session.

Slip-in entry appropriate for unknown waters and stride entry.

Ready Position
Stay in one place for 3 minutes, either floating or treading water.

Eggbeater Kick
Eggbeater kick with ability to travel, change direction and height

In the water practice one forward and/or backward somersault. Then try it continuously.

Lifesaving Medley
Swim 100 meters using each lifesaving kick:

  1. Breaststroke
  2. Freestyle (front crawl)
  3. Lifesaver's Backstroke (legs only)
  4. Sidekick

Endurance Challenge: Swim 100m in 4 Minutes
A timed swim fully clothed is an essential fitness skill, but may require some training to achieve. Try different outfits. Change swimming stroke for every pool length.